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headset redesign

  • This project focused on the redesign of a noise cancellation headset so that the unique noise-blocking technology can be maintained, but comfort and usability aspects of it can be improved. 

  • The headset was a passive noise cancellation device that used a patented sound reduction chamber to enhance low frequency attenuation.  This product could be employed in both industrial and domestic environments.

  •  It aimed to protect hearing up to 31dB while allowing speech sounds to be heard.

  •  However, user evaluation tests of the current device found that while the product was effective for sound reduction, it was unacceptably uncomfortable when worn over a 12-hour work shift and difficult to put on and keep in place. 

The Headset
  • The product muffler tube was it main source of sound attenuation using passive noise cancellation. 

  • The product was meant to be worn over the head and rested on the concha of the ear effectively blocking outside noise. 

  • To maintain the noise cancellation, it would be important to maintain the length and diameter of the muffler tube as any changes would affect the effective frequency of sound it was canceling out. 

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